Host a student

Become a host family

Becoming a host family for a Rotary Youth Exchange student is a rewarding for both the student and for your family - and a great deal of fun too!

How long is the hosting period?

Rotary moves students through 2 to 4 families during their stay (but the students almost always remain in the same school during that time). This allows for students to get a diversity of experience and it also provides a wider support network for them. This means that host families will host anywhere from 10 to 25 weeks. The length of time is a point of discussion between the hosting Rotary club, the host families, and the student.
More details
Rotary International has published A Guide For Host Families, which provides some great information for host families. 

Here/s an article written by outbound coordinator Beth Markley: Eight Things I've Learned As an Exchange Student Host Parent.

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