Applying for Long-term exchange

Application Process

First, ask a lot of questions, read information on this website or other locations, talk with anyone who has gone on exchange (do you have exchange students at your school?). Send us an message with questions, if you like. When you're ready to apply here are the steps. 

Step 1:  Fill out the preliminary application.
This usually happens between early-August and mid-September each year (for a departure the following year. This link will take you to the online application form:
Prelminary application
Step 2: Attend a preliminary interview with your local Rotary club.
This usually happens before October 1st. If you're not sure which club, contact the outbound coordinators; they will assign you to a club. The interview is between you and 2-3 members of the club. At least one of your parents must also participate in this.

Step 3: Your local Rotary club will select who they will nominate.
This program is competitive; we usually have more applicants than we have positions in each class. Your local Rotary club may or may not choose to send you onward in the process. 

Step 4: Complete the District 5400 paperwork in October.
For those candidates who nominated to move past step 3, additional paperwork and applications are required for the district-level selection process. Candidates are provided instructions in October for this.

Step 5: Attend District 5400 selection event the first Saturday of November.
As with all the prior steps, attendance at this event is required. At least one parent must attend this as well. Please note that this will require scheduling on your part. SAT tests are often conflicting, and sporting events too; it is impossible for us to select a day without conflicts, so this simply needs to be the priority.  We simply cannot consider candidates who don't attend in person. 
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